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Amy Sander Montanez

LPC, LMFT, D.Min., Life Coach

Amy has been in private practice in Columbia, SC for more than 25 years as a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), spiritual director, life coach, writer/blogger, retreat leader, and speaker. She sees individuals, and is well-known for her helpful and compassionate work with couples. Additionally, she specializes in working with clergy from many denominations and with seminarians. She also teaches in several spiritual direction training programs. One of her greatest joys in life is seeing people grow into their wisdom and strength, living out their God-given potential. This happens, she believes, at that juncture where one’s personal psychology and personal spirituality intersect. Amy is passionate about her work, and invites you to explore her website for more information about her and her services.

Amy’s website, www.amysandermontanez.com

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I am not sure we would still be married if we had not been referred to Dr. Amy Montanez and decided to engage in intensive therapy and healing sessions.

Her greatest gift to me was learning so much about forgiveness and all that it entails.

Dr. Amy Montanez is one of the gifts that God put on earth. She truly has a way of providing spiritual guidance and healing therapy for so many of life’s problems.

From my first session (with Dr. Montanez) I felt a connection based on mutual respect.

Both the waiting and therapy spaces are calming and welcoming.

In my struggle and pain, I am seen and known as a beloved child of God, worthy of love and grace.

Dr. Montanez encourages and challenges me to grow in deep and meaningful ways.

Dr. Montanez’s approach to my care is wholistic – incorporating my mind, spirit, and body.

Salley Lesley


Over 25 years of clinical experience as a therapist, combined with over 70 years of life experience bring important qualifications to Salley’s work. Salley is a wife of 46 years, a mother and grandmother, has experience with cancer, deep spirituality, and lives a creative life. She works with individuals, couples, and families in an atmosphere of trust, compassion, and non-judgment. Salley believes we all have a deep desire to live a life that best expresses who we truly are, even when we get confused or lose our way. Her high standards of integrity and ethics add the perfect ingredients for this important healing work. 

For more about Salley, please go to her link to Psychology Today

"Salley Lesley helped me over the course of many years to transform my life from a pattern of pain and dysfunction to joy and fulfillment. I will forever be grateful to her for sharing her wisdom with me in such a patient and compassionate way."

From a female in her 50’s:

"Salley  not only hears, she listens. Her focus, compassion, and honesty are unmistakable. It is those qualities, along with many more, that make her such an effective therapist. Perhaps the best endorsement I can provide Salley is that my life--while already very good before I met her--is better because of her."

From a male in his 30’s:
Nancy Beaver
Nancy C. Beaver


The practice of clinical social work has been Nancy’s joy and vocation for over forty years.

She has worked in nonprofit agencies, mental health centers, and in employment assistance programs. In those settings, Nancy provided psychotherapy, supervised clinical staff, facilitated therapy groups, managed programs, and coordinated intern training for MSW students.

When Nancy moved to Columbia twenty years ago, she began to pursue her dream of developing a private practice in psychotherapy and spiritual guidance.

Nancy brings a wealth of experience and wisdom.  She grounds her work in the following beliefs:  All things are connected. A compassionate look at the “real” can bring freedom. Love is not without pain but can also bring unimagined joy. Healing work is difficult but worth it.  Transformation has more to do with letting go than trying harder.

Nancy enjoys working with men and women, individuals and couples, young adults and older ones, too. Issues include loss, trauma, and relationships as well as anxiety and depression. Psychotherapy can also be helpful during periods of transition and stress.

For more information about Nancy, visit her at Psychology Today.

Going into counseling wasn’t an easy choice, but it was a very good one. After working with Nancy I’ve learned so much about myself and how to better cope with the ups and downs of life. She always provides a safe, welcoming and supportive environment where you can learn, heal and grow. 

cathy-cooper copy
Cathy Cooper

Ph.D., LPC

Cathy Cooper has more than 20 years’ experience working with children and adolescents. She is a licensed professional counselor. Having received a master’s degree in music education with an emphasis in music therapy, she also utilizes the arts in her approach to working with clients.  She specializes in effectively developing positive relationships with young people that help support them through their emotional and social development. Cathy believes young children have the capacity to heal themselves using play media and works closely with parents in supporting their children’s emotional growth in her clinical practice. Adolescents need the support of an accepting, understanding, present, and experienced therapist to learn more effective ways of coping with the many stressors today’s youth experience. In addition, Cathy works with women of all ages.

To schedule an appointment with Cathy, please call our office.

Cathy Cooper is an exceptional therapist. She is authentic, insightful and kind. She had an ability to gently nudge you into your best self. She is a professional.

Female in her 60’s

I have found that a good therapist requires a delicate balance of strong empathy, excellent listening skills, and the ability to provide pragmatic, action-oriented guidance.  I can honestly say that in the 3 years that my teenage daughter and I have been seeing Ms. Cathy, she has proven that she possesses all 3 of those skills. She continues to help us both develop skills to better navigate the sometimes rocky terrain of both being a teenager and the parent of one. 😊 Without exception, we leave sessions with Ms. Cathy feeling good and better equipped to face life’s challenges.   

Parent of a 15 year-old
Maxine headshot
Maxine Deutschendorf


Maxine has found deep joy in helping others heal and experience wholeness for almost two decades. She believes that each of us encounter times of imbalance and suffering during which it can be helpful to have someone present with us, truly hear us, and help us discover new ways to navigate life. When we are suffering, we need not be alone. In her work, Maxine cultivates an environment of safety with a non-judgmental attitude and unconditional acceptance so that all feel welcome.

For nearly 20 years as the founder and director of Infinite Yoga, Maxine assisted individuals and groups heal their mental and behavioral health issues through yoga therapy. Among those she serves are adults of all ages with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders as well as trauma survivors, active military, veterans, first responders, sexual assault survivors, and those who are dealing with grief and loss. Additionally, she provides workshops and seminars for businesses and government agencies to lower stress in the workplace. All of her professional experience along with more than 50 years of living on earth is woven together as a tapestry of support in service to her clients as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate.

Debbie Cohn


Debbie Cohn is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) trained at the Institute For LIfe Coach Training, USA. She is a qualified group psychotherapist with the Institute for Group Analysis in London, UK. She has spent many years in the “helping professions” working with individuals and couples. She has extensive experience conducting groups and is a group facilitator at Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault, women’s issues, and bereavement. She earned a Masters of Science degree in psychology from Birkbeck College, University of London.

Debbie also brings a wealth of her own "life experience" from working the past 40 years as a marketing and advertising professional, a woman business owner, fund raising specialist, wife, mother, grandmother and community philanthropist.

Visit Debbie at her website, www.cohnlifecoaching.com

As our name reflects, our core belief is in treating the whole person to include lifestyle, life experience, personality, relationships, and spirituality